3 exercises for your boxing training

Paulie Ayala

There are not many ways to progress in the sport! The motivation, sooner or later, will become your best ally, since sports training should be almost daily.

Do you like boxing and have you started practicing it? However, even if you wear gloves in your boxing club or with a private coach, you don’t know how to organize your exercises during the holidays or organize your own training sessions. Do you practice boxing to be physically fit?

Alone or with friends, we can offer a list of exercises so you can do effective workouts to suit you. Obviously, you can modify the exercises according to the time you have, your physical form at that time and the points at which you would like to deepen specifically. You should also adapt your training to the type of boxing you practice: do you want to do boxing from home?

First of all, let’s try to answer a question: How long does a boxer have to train? For a long program (at least once or twice a week), you should approach and even exceed 3 hours.

Let’s see what exercises you should integrate into any boxing training to become the boxer you dream of. In this article, Superprof offers you 10 very useful exercises to achieve your goal.

The warming of the boxer

Not surprisingly, Muay Thai or French boxing are no exception to the laws that govern the world of sports in general: combat sports demand good warm-up because the whole body is used. Therefore, boxing can help you keep the line.

A good warm-up begins smoothly, with a little jogging. Ideally, if you have time and hope to become a boxing champion one day, jog for 30 to 60 minutes. If not, especially indoors, run for about 5 minutes, before moving to more intense heating.

Review your attack technique

The boxing training itself begins with theory, which marks a short break after the warming efforts.

The boxer must learn at this stage to get fit and concentrate. You should think about all the punches you know, naming them by heart or even out loud.

You have to represent them one by one, without gloves, first with the right arm and then with the left arm, slowly to better assimilate them and have the possibility to analyze the movements.

The smallest wrong gesture must be corrected, and the student must not move on to the next movement without having perfectly assimilated the previous one. Jab, uppercut, hook, right, direct: they are the main blows of the boxer …

Train with the boxing pear

You have to give soft and natural blows, with a fast pace that suits your breathing and the timing of boxing.

Both the fists and the pear must move constantly, with circular movements, ideal to synchronize and maintain an offensive position.

A bandage or thin gloves are sufficient for this type of exercise.

You have to do it for 3 minutes, pause for 30 seconds, do it again for 5 minutes, stop for 30 seconds, and then finish with another 3 minutes.

From one boxing session to the next, we can replace the boxing pear (striking bag) with a punching ball (the same boxing ball, but fixed to the ground), to vary the exercises.

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