Rematch. In the US In the US, Brian Castaño beat a Nigerian and the WBA by KOT

Rematch. In the US In the US, Brian Castaño beat a Nigerian and the WBA by KOT

Quickly this fight will be a mere anecdote. Or an apostille of those that fill the pages before the final glory; Go one to know. The truth is that Buenos Aires’s Brian Castaño officially fought again, after the unfair March draw with Cuban Erislandy Lara, and left no doubt of his technical attributes to promptly recover the status of world champion superwelter weight, who had given in a desk by the regulatory squeezes of the World Boxing Association (WBA). With great forcefulness, he beat Nigerian Wale Omotoso in the fifth round at the MGM National Karbor Stadium in Maryland, United States.

Brian Carlos Castaño

Every day that passes, after each fight he faces, we must rethink the trial that deserves the boxing ability of Brian Carlos Castaño, beyond the quality of last night’s rival. Undoubtedly, he is a fighter, a warm-blooded gladiator that has nothing to do with the kind and roguish boy of everyday life oblivious to the avatars of the ring. Theirs is not only that, to fight, to throw tubes in mechanized form; on the contrary, in each presentation it shows a striking condition of a thinking boxer that allows him to overcome himself every time he is put to the test.

With the pride hurt by the handling and the disregard received months ago by the AMB, Castaño went up to the ring determined to expose his boxing baggage. He understood perfectly that the administrative and legal dispute generated by having refused to fight with the Frenchman Michel Soro should conclude with a quick turn of the sheet and without doubts. And so he did. With a lot of class and a lot of inner strength, he won well beyond that his African opponent had to leave because of a shoulder injury.

Before the eyes of a good number of spectators, the boxer of La Matanza came out willing to impose conditions and assert his hierarchy of former WBA superwelter world monarch. Holding a wide repertoire of boxing attributes and carrying the pressure of being the main protagonist of the fight, Castaño, 29 years old and a record of 16 wins (12 KO) and a draw, was not daunted before an experienced opponent and of greater physical bearing .

Arguments presented by Omotoso

Working on the torrent of arguments presented by Omotoso, he made clear differences in the five rounds. In the first periods he tried to maintain the prudent and intelligent scheme that characterizes him and bet on dominating the center of the ring, shortening the distance and filtering some right points. Meanwhile, the 34-year-old Nigerian, with his mark of 28 wins (22 KO) and 5 falls, worked insistently to not allow punishment for the inside line and preferred powerful kicks with his right hand. However, nothing managed to reduce the relentless pace of the Argentine.

With Omotoso resisting and Castaño hitting with great aim, the fight was headed for an effective knockout when the Nigerian decided not to go out in the sixth round, due to an injury to his right shoulder. This forced the referee to statutorily decree a technical KO in the fifth round. “I am happy for the victory, but I have a slightly strange feeling about the form. I would have liked to knock him out before he left for an injury,” the South American said about the ring as soon as he was proclaimed winner.

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