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Have you ever practiced Boxing? If you are just starting, it is important that you write down and keep these recommendations in mind to buy the perfect punching bag.

A punching bag is not bought every day, so if you choose properly it will not only last for many years, but you will have made a round purchase and will use it more than you think to get in shape.

If you buy a Rude Boys Boxing Bag you will be surprised by its great value. But before we talk to you about these specific bags, we are going to give you some recommendations for you to choose the ideal punching bag.


If you are thinking of buying the perfect punching bag, do not miss these 5 keys to choose it:

The weight. Experts always advise to start with a bag that weighs half as much as you. This has an explanation, and if the punching bag is heavier, it could be more aggressive for your joints and could even hurt you. While if the punching bag is lighter, it will easily bounce with the force of your punches, so you won’t be training properly. So the ideal thing to start with is that it weighs half as much as you. If you weigh 80 kilos, the ideal is a 40 kilos punching bag. Over time, so go training and improving your technique, you can increase, even exceed your weight if you are already a professional. It is very important that you consider the weight before buying a punching bag, especially if it is the first.

The material. Secondly, it is very important that you pay attention to the materials in the punching bag. You will usually find them in plastic (PVC), fabric (canvas) and synthetic leather (leatherette). These are the boxing bag materials that you will most commonly find to train. A good option is to buy a Rude Boys Boxing Bag, there are varied and great, both to start and to move forward. We have 3 types of materials because not all users want to spend the same money on a punching bag nor will they use it. These are the types of punching bag you’ll find to buy:

Canvas punching bag: one of the advantages of this type of bag is that the repairs are easier. They are tougher too and will last longer. You will need to wear gloves, because if you can’t hurt yourself a lot.

Punching bag made of synthetic leather (PU): these types of boxing bags are very resistant and of very good quality. They do not require the maintenance of the leather boxing bags and are possibly the most recommended (it depends on the use that you will give as everything in life). This type of bag is usually seen a lot in gyms since the quality-price-resistance ratio is very good. They have a better touch and will last many more years than the other materials. A very sold PU bag is the 180 m Banana boxing bag. from Rude Boys

Natural Leather Boxing Bag: they are the most expensive, but the feel and feel of the skin is great. You will have to take care of them more and nurture them so that they do not crack, but it is certainly the Premium material. A joy.

The filling. It is not all the outer material, because the filling plays an important role in the field of punching bags. And you wonder why … well, the type of filling will determine how it feels to hit the bag itself. If the filling is nice, the feeling will be too. One option is water, because it is the most similar to the human body that exists. You can buy it with or without the filling. Many that come with padding usually have a synthetic granulated material that has no waste. The results and the feeling it leaves are quite pleasant.

The use. It is very important to use the boxing bag before buying it. It is not the same to give a user use beginner, advanced or going to a gym. The use is also a factor to consider to buy the perfect punching bag and not to be wrong. You already know that mistakes are often paid more expensive. Hanging bags are good for beginners and general workouts. Keep in mind the use that you are going to give it before going through the box (this is also very related to the weight and the materials).

The training place. The training place is also very important. If you have a gym, you will probably hang it from the ceiling. But if you want to buy a punching bag for yourself, for your home, things change. You will have to see if you are tall enough for a 180 cm bag or maybe 150 cm, etc. For home an option is to opt for punching bags with foot or free structures. This is ideal, because this way you can train with total normality. You can move it where you want. Any of these options is great for a flat or a house.

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