Ruiz, Wilder and Farías: millions, retaliation and Olympism

Paulie Ayala

The American Andy Ruiz, son of Mexicans, with a simple mustache and a childish smile, with a little athletic body of 1.88 meters and 113 kg in weight, where it is difficult to find muscles, became one of the characters of 2019. Not only for achieving the heavyweight world championship but for the unexpected ejection he had towards himself. His arrival in Diriyah (United Arab Emirates) caused a curious event in an area of ​​unknown passions around boxing. He also started the promotional days for the combat retreat that on Saturday December 7 will face against the English Anthony Joshua, for the heavy scepter (AMB-OMB-FIB), considered as the maximum event this year.

Ruíz, who posed in the first photos, alternating his traditional Mexican hat and the classic desert turban, anticipated that he will surprise everyone with his new body, with an athletic structure much more stunned than the one exposed when he knocked out Joshua, in the seventh round, last June 1, at Madison Square Garden, in New York. In this regard, former world champion Mike Tyson said: “It is a mistake to remove Ruiz’s kilage. He must fight the same and based on his strength. He must not change anything.”

The English promoter Eddie Hearn confirmed that local investors secured a distribution of forty million dollars for the boxers. Ruiz will receive nine million – as stipulated in the contract signed in the previous match – and Joshua’s income will exceed thirty million “green”. It is estimated that the 15,000 tickets put up for sale at the impeccable Diriyah Arena stadium will be sold out. Seven days after the first bell. the fight for the title is already underway.

Wilder vs. Fury on February 22?

After the splendid KO achieved before the Cuban Luis Ortiz, last Saturday, in Las Vegas, the American Deontay Wilder, champion of the World Boxing Council, announced that he will resume his training on the 31st of December with the aim of finalizing his retaliation lawsuit, as soon as possible, with the Englishman Tyson Fury, with whom he drew on December 1, 2018. The date announced in principle would be February 22, 2020. If so, he would give the heavy category a continuity of great fights that would raise his expectation and its level in an unexpected way.

The management will not be easy to specify since the relationship of promoters Bob Arum, representative of Fury, and Al Haymon, promoter of Wilder, is not the best. Perhaps, the final numbers of this great business simplify everything.

Érica “Pantera” Farías, to the Olympic Games

Buenos Aires-born Érica “Pantera” Farías, former two-time world champion (WBC) was invited by the Argentine Box Federation (FAB) to join the national women’s team that will participate in the qualifying events at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Although the rules that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) will impose in this competition are still ignored, the FAB apparently will give its support for professional boxers to represent the country in the East. What will happen to the amateurs, members of the national team, after so much sacrifice to reach Tokyo 2020? Will there be, in addition, a signatory responsible, in the first person, to approve the clash between an amateur and a professional, in case this Olympic rule is approved? All this is as poor as it is painful. It seems to synthesize the present of amateur boxing, close to its extinction and buried by a yellow and greedy professionalism, which will soon take over.


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Ruiz, Wilder and Farías: millions, desquites and olimpismo Description

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The American Andy Ruiz, son of Mexicans, with a simple mustache and a childish smile, with a little athletic body of 1.88 meters and 113 kg in weight

A kid, Gauto, and two old men, “Chino” and “Maravilla”

When tonight he enters the ring of the Argentine Box Federation, the undefeated Buenos Aires Agustín Gauto, holder of the South American fly championship and other secondary crowns in the minimoscas, the national boxing will put all the fans to the best exponent of everything that implies the classic Argentine pugilism school of the moment: technique, defense, attack and punch.

Gauto, 21 years and 13 consecutive victories, with 8 K.O., is the consequence of a constant work between a neighborhood gym, Hurricane, of Patricios Park; the same coach from the debut day, Hernán Gauto, his father, and a stable discipline in pursuit of a goal. All these factors, together with his good results against a series of opponents according to his sports novitiate, ejected him to the top positions in the world ranking of 48,900 kg.

Today it will be measured with the Venezuelan Kenny Cano, of a winning record of 14 hits and a setback, and is emerging as a clear favorite. But beyond the need for growth, sports and personal, he must recover everything he lost in his last fight, which he obtained by points against Mexican Jorge Orozco. Understand its polished line, its exquisite dress and its precision when gluing. Due to the lack of a market of ordinary pugilistic consumption and without quality touch, they turned it into a vulgar blow shooter, similar to the majority of athletes who go up to the ring animated by an inept chorus that repeats in unison: “Pull! First you! Come on! Gauto has a purist and fine style to differentiate himself from the lot of “garroteros” who can only fight, he can box and go to “war” whenever he wants and that does different, and you shouldn’t forget it.

His combat today (with TyC Sports television starting at 23) implies a very interesting test for a little popular fighter but with a potential for surprising attributes and full of art on the ring. Hard to find edges these days.

“Chinese” and “Wonder.”

Marcos Maidana, a former world champion, is 36, and Sergio “Maravilla” Martínez, also a winner of two crowns at different times, has already turned 44 years old.

Both were news in the week. Maidana will announce his “return to the ring” in an exhibition against the icon of the Argentine martial arts, Jorge “Acero” Cali, in a limit of 85 kg, with almost 20 kilos of surplus on his old pugilistic weight. “It will be for March or April 2020,” Maidana told LA NACION, admitting that he will also report on various events he plans to sponsor next season. Perhaps, “Chino” deserves to say goodbye to the ring with a show linked to the sport that made him famous, beyond these developments that nobody knows under what nomenclature will be presented.


The entry of “Wonder” Martinez to the International Boxing Hall of Fame (IBHOF) in Canastota, New York, next June, became a credible rumor in the last hours. The former fighter reported it on his social networks. Despite the discrediting starring “Maravilla” in recent months, with those illusory announcements about a possible revenge match with Mexican Julio Cesar Chavez (h), which had mass dissemination in groups of unknown propagandists, this news is based and livelihood. And it is very important.

Three protagonists with totally opposite situations. Three names that deserve the greatest consideration and, with all rights, seized this week.

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