Canelo Álvarez seeks a media shock: he will fight in light heavyweight cars with Kovalev, an unnecessary risk

Paulie Ayala

The Mexican Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez, the three-time world boxing champion, remains the most attractive athlete for the news broadcast of international boxing. However, his technical stagnation, his increasingly sullen image and the opacity of his last two fights (with Rocky Fielding and Daniel Jacobs) postponed him in such a way that few would dare to include him, today, among the five best fighters of the moment This represents a contradiction difficult to understand and strange to explain.

Oscar de la Hoya

The relationship with his promoter Oscar de la Hoya is not the best. And the continuity of its sidereal contract for 360 million dollars with DAZN, a multinational streaming company, English-minded and led by the British Eddie Hearn, consumed the most valuable announcement of recent days: “Canelo” will try to conquer his fourth title world in different categories gaining weight, against Russian Sergey Kovalev, holder of the WBO light heavyweights, on November 2, at the MGM hotel in Las Vegas.

“Canelo” was displaced from the popular feelings of the Aztec public, currently, by the Californian Andy Ruiz, a nice boy, with a lot of fat and without musculature, that when nobody thought about it he found a colossal KO about Anthony Joshua and the world cup heavy. He professes an unconditional love for Mexico – adoptive country and his parents’ land – and for his people and all this forces his fellow countrymen to redouble their efforts to recover lost sites.

Career record

Now, Alvarez, 29, and a record of 50 wins (34 KO), a loss to Floyd Mayweather and two draws, will assume a clear and exposed risk by placing his “medium-sized” (72,574 kg) weight physique in a new limit : 79,378 kg. You need to join a complicated set like this to get attention again. Excluded from the sports boards of the “Independence Day of Mexico”, which were celebrated in the United States, last weekend; outside the T-Mobile Arena, the colossal and new stadium in Las Vegas for its limited call of only 16,000 spectators in its match with Jacobs on May 3 and forced to fight again in the former MGM Grand stadium, “Canelo” collects all the challenges that the boxing industry opposes. And it is essential to interfere in this adventure.

Do you have a physique to box in light heavyweight? No, “Canelo” is a retacon. Low and short range. And he doesn’t have enough speed to surprise. He evidenced it in his two classics made before the Kazakh Gennady Golovkin.

Do you have skills to cancel a light heavyweight like Kovalev? Yes, he knows how to deal with slow and worn veterans. It is the ideal time to challenge the Russian despite his athletic disadvantage. Sergey is 36 years old and has a record of 34 wins (28 KO), three setbacks and a draw. Linked to world scepters since 2011, he was unable to regain his conviction after the KO proposed by Colombian Eleider Álvarez in 2018. Although he reconquered the crown, he was one step away from losing it to Briton Anthony Yarde on August 24. Although he is still able to end a lawsuit with just one blow.

“Canelo” Álvarez will continue to earn money with his crowns, but to his bank account he wants to add personal prestige demanding hard and rare experiments like this one. That will be attractive and drinkable for him if he prepares in an intense and disciplined way. It is a show divo that fails to become a ring phenomenon. And this is the reason why each of your steps is so difficult to understand.

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