Paulie Ayala

Bag training will continue to be common. Muay, Thay, Kick Boxing, Boxing, Cardio, kickboxing, etc. These are activities in which the sack is a vital part. The current offer makes choosing a training bag truly complicated. A fitness bag is not the same as one for practicing our hooks or […]

Training of a boxer

Paulie Ayala

An exhaustive study by ESPN analysts to determine which is the most demanding sport in the world, resulted in boxing taking first place. The methodology to analyze the difficulty of 60 sports activities was to assign a rating to 10 different virtues or abilities, such as endurance, strength, speed, analytical […]

3 exercises for your boxing training

Paulie Ayala

There are not many ways to progress in the sport! The motivation, sooner or later, will become your best ally, since sports training should be almost daily. Do you like boxing and have you started practicing it? However, even if you wear gloves in your boxing club or with a […]

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